Steam in skin care - the greatest ally of a healthy complexion?

Steam in skin care - the greatest ally of a healthy complexion

Do you have sensitive, oily or dry skin? Or perhaps you struggle with acne or hypersensitivity? At a spa, you would probably be offered a specialized beauty treatment dedicated to one skin problem. But what if you want to deal with different types of imperfections in one go? Since the goal is one - brightened, smoothed skin - the solution should also be universal.

Inconspicuous steam in facial care is actually the greatest ally of a healthy complexion. You will get to know its wonderful effects thanks to the ZING Aromatherapy streamer. Invite SPA to your home!

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Home SPA = professional results


Steam in nursing - application


ZING Aromatherapy Facial Steamer

Home SPA = professional results

Steam, if used with the right intensity, can be a real ally for beauty. Its use in beauty care is nothing new - just ask your grandmother. Steam baths were once a popular DIY treatment. They are also often used in spas and top beauty salons. Now, thanks to innovative steam generators such as the one from ZING Aromatherapy, you can get the same professional results... at home!

Steam in nursing - application

For acne, for calming inflammation, for getting rid of blackheads, for a beauty detox - it's tempting to say "for everything"! Warm streams of steam heat up the skin, stimulating its cell metabolism and thus supporting its proper functioning. After just one such treatment the complexion is smoother, nourished. Using a steamer is also an effective anti-aging treatment - stimulated cells produce more collagen. This translates into better skin elasticity.

With the right equipment, steam in grooming gives truly spectacular results! What is the secret? As always, it's the details that count.

ZING Aromatherapy Facial Steamer

ZING Aromatherapy steamer combines the principles of natural care with modern technology. Nanoparticles, 18 000 times smaller than ordinary steam particles, reach the skin. Their tiny size makes them easily penetrate even thicker layers of cream or foundation. They penetrate really deep. They perfectly remove makeup, dirt and other impurities, leaving your skin healthy and nourished.

Small and handy steamer is extremely easy to use. Using the three-step rule, you will quickly and effectively achieve a spa effect - only that without leaving home! Simply:

  1. fill the water chamber of the steamer;
  2. Connect and turn on the device;
  3. Direct the steam jet at your face and stay in this position for 5-10 minutes.

And there you have it! This is enough to give your skin a beautiful and healthy look. And for you - good mood!

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